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We build stable interconnections and reliable connectivity to vast network of telecommunication operators.

  • High payout High Payout Dedicated for Resellers
  • Premium Number assignment Dynamic Number Assignment.
  • Sip routing SIP / Trunk Integration with your Platform


We offer international Premium Numbers and Audiotext solutions for retail and wholesale business. We deliver unique platform for customer billing solutions for all our services. Every customer can benefit from creating subaccounts for this customers, add services, IVRs and much more. If you provide TV Shows, TV Games, Gambling, Radio Games, Radio Shows, Adult Content or any other Content Provider, we can help you out to increase your profits rapidly!

IVR Services

We allows you to use IVR to service high call volumes at lower cost. The use of IVR allows callers' queries to be resolved without a live agent. If callers do not find the information they need, the calls may be transferred to a live agent.

☑ Upload IVR
☑ Multiple IVR support
☑ Multiple Numbers IVR Support

Call Center Services

A call center handles a considerable volume of calls at the same time, screens and forwards calls to someone qualified to handle them and logs calls.An IVR system will answer calls and utilize speech recognition technology

☑Atencion al cliente
☑CRM y central telefonica

SIP Routing Service

We allows SIP trunking that enables the end point’s PBX to receive calls via Internet. As SIP is applied for the signalling protocol for multiple real-time application, SIP trunk is able to control voice, video and messaging applications

☑Forward Calls to App
☑Call Recording Service
☑Reduce your Telefone Expense
☑Free Calls Between all office
☑Improve your Network

Carrier Center

Do you need to boost your carrier network with premium quality voice traffic ? We can increase your traffic volumes by providing international voice traffic.Having hundreds of content providers,reseller and traffic vendors.

☑Increase your traffic volumes
☑Receive Quality Traffic
☑Bost your profits
☑Establish long term partnership
☑Improve your portfolio

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Skype: Khalil.ahmed843

Skype: Khalil.ahmed843

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